Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Hate Olys

Monday I had two time trials, a 5K and 800M swim, last night I did my bike TT, I had good improvement on the run and bike, swim--meh!  I was happy enough last night with my bike TT that I went ahead and registered for the Big Bear Triathlon.  I was very hesitant to register for several reasons:  1) Altitude  2) Last years race reports suggest that the swim is very reedy, yucky and 3) I hate Olympic distance tris.  True I had a choice, I could do the sprint, but it is time to push myself a little harder.  Why do I hate Olys?  I hate Olys because I'm slow, if there's a sprint and oly at the same time and you do a sprint it doesn't matter when you finish, there will still be people on the course, however when you do the oly, there they are the race director and your race sherpa holding up the finish line for you.  Not too fun.

Monday, May 12, 2014

IN! Craig, Kerri and I

We will miss Kevin and Brent, someday we'll get everyone together, and that goes for Bri, Sarah,
Ally, Kyle and Brad too!  Be warned.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Swim TT #3

TT # 3  19:02, with a pretty good fumble at the wall on one lap
TT # 2  19:26
TT # 1  21:12

I'll take a little bit of improvement!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Esprit de She

Craig had a meeting in Phoenix on Friday so I tagged along with the intent of riding the Beeline and doing Esprit de She Sprint.  My thoughts as I started riding the Beeline--nothing hurts, this feels pretty good, my thoughts as we wrapped up our ride, get me outta here and fast!  It was 95+ and a headwind on the downhill, typical Beeline.
Esprit de She seemed like a nice gentle way to get back into tri's since I haven't done one since the big DNF.  I didn't think I was worried about it, but I couldn't sleep and had a hard time not being emotional, I can't say I was scared, just very apprehensive I suppose.

Umm, yep, I think, I'm doing this, well maybe I'm not so sure, hmm that's a nasty, yucky lake over there.  Maybe I could make a run for it, the car's just across the street at the US Airways parking garage, I could head back to the hotel, breakfast should be starting soon!

Okay, the wetsuit is zipped, it sucked in my gut for me, gotta work on getting off a few more pounds! I managed to move a little closer to the lake, standing with my green wave ladies.  One big jump in the lake and there's no turning back.  Ok, I'm in, I'm off swimming, swimming, not swimming well, so far in the back I'm battling it out with a backstroker I can't get away from, well that's what I get for being so far back!  Whew, out of the water, 21 some odd minutes.

Now onto the bike, I've been following a training plan for the last two months, and according to the plan my swim and run have improved, but not my bike, ironically today, my bike showed improvement, and although my run was not great it also showed improvement, what can I say about swimming..........

Run out--I'm off, I've been doing bike run bricks every Saturday, I know there is debate about whether they're beneficial or not, I think they helped me a lot.  It was much quicker to get my legs back today.

Run in-yay I'm almost there! I think--where is that darn finisher chute?

Okay the results aren't so pretty, but they are what they are, my garmin actually has better run splits, like less than 13 minute miles.
Oh and this is my "badge of honor" as Craig calls it, a little smudged with sunscreen but they mark your age at the end of the year on your calf.  Someone on the run said I didn't look 57, (thank you) but of course--I'm only 56!  
Athleta Esprit De She Tempe Triathlon/Duathlon

Athleta Esprit De She Tempe Triathlon/Duathlon

Tempe, AZ    May 4, 2014 6:30AM

Sprint Triathlon » Redlands, CA
IntervalTime of DaySplitSplit PaceAge RankGender RankOverall Rank
6.33 Mile Bike Split7:37:41AM00:24:5316.00 mi/hr7/16126/250126/250
Run Split8:27:54AM00:26:2113:08 min/mi14/16205/250205/250
Swim7:09:22AM00:22:2202:59 min/100m10/16167/250167/250
Bike7:59:05AM00:46:1716.11 mi/hr10/16141/250141/250
Run8:43:22AM00:41:4913:28 min/mi14/16202/250202/250

Saturday, May 3, 2014

197 Days and 33 Minutes

Waking up this morning in Tempe--it's a beautiful day, I'm here to do a little warm up sprint tri, women only.  I've never done a women only event, it should be fun.  That counter to the left is a little ominous, 197 days and 32 minutes--gulp.  I've completed 8 weeks of my training plan and just requested the next phase.  Give that towel back to me!