Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back to Posting

I haven't posted in awhile, my training has been erratic. I am looking forward to the office being open, it should be within two weeks. Kyle and Brad race in Vegas this weekend, we're leaving tomorrow morning, their first race is the TT about noon on Friday.

The only thing I have really been trying to stick to right now is my running. I'm using the Furman First program, target race Fontana Days Half Marathon. I'm hoping to do well and be able to reset my program for St. George Marathon training. It's supposed to make you faster on three days/week running....we'll see. All of my workouts are based on my best 5K time which is pretty sorry, that's why I'm hoping to reset with Fontana Days. I have to say though it is plenty hard enough as it is. The best part of the program is finishing the workout, today I wanted to quit not even 2 miles into my 8 mile run, but I didn't, a fleeting sense of accomplishment is a good thing, be it ever so fleeting.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I've been working on my training plan, but the long workouts are hard to get in. There is so much going on with the new office, kids, and hmmm sometimes just excuses not to do what I should. The early morning gym workouts are going ok. This weekend is Tour de Palm Springs but it is also a holiday weekend and we haven't had any cabin trips in a long time so it just might be a cabin trip weekend, also didn't register in time for Desert Tri, should have known better!