Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hoka Conversation

Good spin class this morning and conversation about running and shoes with Willem, I will give my Hoka's some more time and work on running form.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Oops repeat of Week 2 Workout 1, C25K, oh well not a bad idea after the great Thanksgiving weekend we had.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Onward with the C25K

Workout done, house cleaned, table set for tomorrow, now I just need a few more groceries and let the cooking begin!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Ok, what the heck does that title mean--Day 1, No Excuses!!!  I went to bed early last night, about 9:00 was just asleep when I heard my phone ringing in the family room, went to get it but I missed the call (couldn't see who it was without my glasses!).  Brad was out and just then I heard the front door open, "Brad, did you just call me?"  "Yeah mom I just called you."  Ok, son goodnight,  W A I T
that wasn't Brad's voice, close, very close, not Brad.  Brent's head popped around the corner just then!  I was expecting him late tonight but he skipped out a day early.  This called for hugs, conversation and a late night Cuca's run.  Needless to say when the 4:50 alarm rang I didn't want to get up, but.... I did. 
Spin today, yoga tonight if the boys aren't home, they're talking about surfing and climbing.

Monday, November 25, 2013


And all is well, I have forgotten the great mood enhancer exercise is, feeling great.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow night when Brent will be home!!!  Lots of water bottles in the dishwasher, oh the small things in life that warm your heart.  More about the small things in life that warm my heart when I update the family blog.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Yoga class this morning and the laundry pile is growing, yay did a whole load of workout clothes!

Friday, November 22, 2013


I was trying to put some music on my phone, a little frustrated, all of our music is in Craig's iTunes account, I quit using his account on my phone because it messes up my contacts, calendars etc (still not right), so I'm not sure how to get my playlists, will have to consult an expert child.  So for today it was Pandora, worked fine.
Day 2 C25K--

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last Bike

I got the last bike this morning, I think this means I need to start getting there at 5:00am and getting a short swim in first.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


First day of training plan for the St. George Half Marathon 5K.  Downloaded C25K, I thought it had music already-not-so I've gotta put some music on my phone to work with it.  No hip pain, off to a good start.
Yoga and Jacuzzi tonight, good training day.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Spin Class

Day 2 of my comeback!  Back to Willem's spin class, mostly same people on the same bikes, same sign up to get one of the 29 bikes, remember to go early!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Year off-DONE

Today successfully ended my year off of triathlon training.  I really needed a mental break from exercise, I am not so sure I benefitted physically from the break.  Nonetheless, I hauled myself out of my nice warm covers and headed back to the gym this morning.  Wow-new receptionist, my favorite treadmill has been refurbished, no one was in the pool (including me), the gym is looking like, well the same old gym and there were my favorite gym peeps Dave and Nancy, no year off for them!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Training Plans

Proof positive--training plans work!  Case in point--last years St. George Marathon pr, a sub 5, this is great for me, no matter how embarrassing it would be for others.  This year, my worst marathon ever, after improving each year I slid into a sub 6:30.  Yep training plans are a good thing.

So this is the story--we got to St. George about 8:00 pm on Friday and met up with Brent, at the Dixie Center, collected all the necessary "stuff" packets with numbers, this years t shirt, forgotten Body Glide, an extra hat, and score BYU running socks!  A quick trip to In N Out and checked into our condo.

I did not sleep well, I heard Craig up at 3:30 am programming the watches, and finally gave up on the idea of sleep, we got ready and got down to the busses, those darn busses never go slow enough, we just get up to the start line too fast.  It was pretty cold up there this year, Brent, Craig and I stood around the bonfires as long as possible.

We sent Brent off to do his own run, he took it easy and had a good run.  Craig was being my sherpa again, someday I'm going to have to talk him out of this so he can run his own race again!  As soon as I stepped over the start line I got a stabbing, sharp pain in my hip, I thought, "oh no, this is crazy, this can't happen at the start line".  I don't know what started it as I was barely running yet, I was determined to run through it, it seemed to get better and then worse, eventually having a numb sensation.  I was hanging in there, slow, but sure until about mile 23, I decided to push it all the rest of the way in so I could at least have a sub 6, as soon as I decided that, I couldn't run any more at all, three steps, stabbing pain, three steps, stabbing pain.  The pain wasn't as bad when I was walking so we walked it in as fast I could walk.  I have self-diagnosed greater trochanter bursitis.  It calls for rest, haha, I'll do that well.  Seriously I wouldn't have done this if it weren't another "notch in the belt".  Marathon #5 on the way to the 10 year club.

We did it!  Brent hopped the fence and ran it in with us.  Thanks Brenny for waiting so long for us to get there.  We missed Kerri, she just started a new job and couldn't get away.  So, what's ahead?  Well, Kerri, Brent and I are all registering for the Runners Series on Monday.  And this year....training plan ON!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Big Gulp

We leave for St. George this afternoon when Craig gets off work.....this about adequately sums up my feelings!  Updates later, drive safe Brent, see you there.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hoka One One

AKA:  Hoka Poka, or Trigranny's gone orthopedic!  Well Trigranny did just have another birthday last month, putting her way up there in the double digits.  Anyways I just picked up my new Hoka One One shoes tonight.  I ran in them in the store and was speechless, yea, me speechless!  Tomorrow morning we'll hit Sunset and give them the real test run.  Already I can tell you the good, they're elevator shoes!  No kidding, I'm at least an inch taller, loving being 5'1" now!  Craig calls them the memory foam shoe--we'll see how my ankle does. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

St George??????

So we had a great Lake Powell trip, at some point I will get some pics on the family blog, but there is a little kink in my St. George Marathon plans---The first day we were on the lake I stepped out on the swim deck and twisted my ankle, I'm pretty sure I heard a pop too.  It hurt like crazy, but in all the craziness of the day I really couldn't pay much attention to it.  I was determined not to complain about it because I really didn't want to go get it checked, I had to try out the new wakeboard.  The new wakeboard is great, fun times, but my ankle is still looking not so good almost a week later.  It doesn't hurt that much, just enough to remind me about it, but it's still pretty bruised and swollen, I'm not sure about 26.2.  I guess there's still enough time to decide later. :(

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Training Wheels Off

Hey family, I finally took the training wheels off my wakeboard last week!!  I can't wait to see everyone.  I got a new girlie board for the girls---(Kyle and Kael too, but shh...about the girlie part).

Saturday, July 13, 2013


I hiked two miles of Smiley this morning with Kyle, I kept up very well, I'm quite proud of myself.  Not mentioning the fact that he had a forty pound backpack on, and me.....well even my water bottle was in his backpack!!  It was a nice walk--have you been up Smiley, not Smiley Heights, Smiley that's out in the canyon, don't less this pretty little section of road fool you, the wicked thing is straight up.  I only went up two cause I had an appointment at 9:00 to get my hair done, so even so I ran part of the way down, good St. G training.  Next time probably forty more pounds in his pack, he's getting ready for NOLS Patagonia, and I will hike the whole thing.  2014 is on--starting now-- I've got to finish my business.

Friday, May 31, 2013


Sometimes when I see upcoming events that I have particpated in I think to myself, "Oh, I should be doing that."  Remember ______________________________________, insert whatever, that happened at that event.  Right now I am getting daily tips of the day for the upcoming Utah Valley Marathon.  Now this was not one of my favorite events, but since Bri has a history with the organization, and we got to visit family, in retrospect I think.....why didn't we register!!!  Ok, reality check, yes we already have too much on the June calendar.  Oh and even bigger reality check, my running mileage is no bueno.  But still...maybe next year?  Anyone want to do it with me next year, whole or half?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Lottery Results up on Monday

I know, we're guaranteed!  So I really don't need to sweat the results, but, it makes it all the more real to see your name there and know now it's time to get to work!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spectrum 10K

Yay, we did it! We finished the Runners Series, Brent says we just have one more picture to add to our series, the St. G. marathon pic! It was a gorgeous run through Snow Canyon, Kerri poked along with me so I got to enjoy the conversation, Brent won his age division, and Kerri won a bag!
I found this on St George Races fb page, that's Ker and me in the background!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spectrum 10K on the schedule

Ha, I went to Google images to find a cool logo or something for the Spectrum 10K post and look what popped up!!!  I think this was 2011 when Kev and I made a crazy trip to St. G.  He picked me up from the cabin at some terrible time in the morning and we got our second race done.  This year no Kev, I'll be missing you big son, this year it's Kerri, Brent and me.  Race number 2 is on the schedule, then we'll have our Runners Series done.  I know I ask myself this all the time, but tell me again, "Why do we do this?"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Runners Series-one done!

 Big kids in the backseat!
 Trying to stay warm before the race started.
 They did great!  Brent was third in his age group without trying, he was just "trotting along", Ker was 7 out of 37 with no training, and me, well I wasn't last.  I had a good morning run with Craig running it with me.  We have one more Runners Series race to do, it's looking like Spectrum 10K
Had a little shopping and lunch with the munchkins, Ker, Kendall and Brent before sending Ker and Kendall back to Bountiful and Brent back to BYU.  What a nice weekend guys, thanks!