Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hoka One One

AKA:  Hoka Poka, or Trigranny's gone orthopedic!  Well Trigranny did just have another birthday last month, putting her way up there in the double digits.  Anyways I just picked up my new Hoka One One shoes tonight.  I ran in them in the store and was speechless, yea, me speechless!  Tomorrow morning we'll hit Sunset and give them the real test run.  Already I can tell you the good, they're elevator shoes!  No kidding, I'm at least an inch taller, loving being 5'1" now!  Craig calls them the memory foam shoe--we'll see how my ankle does. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

St George??????

So we had a great Lake Powell trip, at some point I will get some pics on the family blog, but there is a little kink in my St. George Marathon plans---The first day we were on the lake I stepped out on the swim deck and twisted my ankle, I'm pretty sure I heard a pop too.  It hurt like crazy, but in all the craziness of the day I really couldn't pay much attention to it.  I was determined not to complain about it because I really didn't want to go get it checked, I had to try out the new wakeboard.  The new wakeboard is great, fun times, but my ankle is still looking not so good almost a week later.  It doesn't hurt that much, just enough to remind me about it, but it's still pretty bruised and swollen, I'm not sure about 26.2.  I guess there's still enough time to decide later. :(