Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Two Hour Run this Morning--

and yikes did you see the countdown clock?  101 days, and I don't even know what the day count is for the St. George Marathon.  Maddie called me last night, she was quite upset, she had been playing with a friend who has Frozen toys, Maddie was distraught when she had to leave and leave the toys.  I'm thinking that whatever long ride I do this weekend should be in Orange County and Maddie and I need a little trip to Toys R Us!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Off Ramp

Well my training plan is ramping up, up, up and I have just spent the month of July taking the off ramp!  We had a great time in Jackson for the 4th with Kerri, Kendall and the boys.  We saw the Bar J Wranglers, canoed on Jenny Lake, hiked, fireworks Thursday and Friday nights, Kael rode a horse for the first time, all in all it was a great time!
Then home, just enough time to repack and we went to Maine, a week on a lake in Maine, it was great.

I hate to admit it, but fireworks in Jackson don't compare to the U of R, sorry U of R, I think you're pretty great but these were amazing, as well as the echo of the booms off the mountains.

Kyle and Papa, comparing messy rib faces at the Bar J Wranglers.

Yay Kael!!!!

 Me, Grammy, Ally and Kyran

 Papa, Kev, Craig, Kyran, Brad and Brent
Uncle Brent, Kyran, Kev, and Uncle Brad
This was the sunrise the last day we were in Maine, it was beautiful, we chased the sun all day.
Landing in LA with the last glimpses of the sun.

It was hard to come home, from both trips, I canoed, swam in the lake, kayaked, jumped off the jump rock, tried the slackline (once, but that counts), walked, ran a little, ate a lot and loved more.