Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh deer!

Last night yoga class was very hard, it was over my head but I just kept doing what I could and Daniel kept reminding everyone to "be in the moment".  Yeah--I just wanted out of those moments.  He told us we were almost done, we just had to go through the whole routine again for the other side so we wouldn't be lopsided, the lady next to me said she was ok with lopsided.  Me too, I was perfectly willing to come back today to finish the other side........but I survived and Daniel promises us we'll be stronger, umhmmm.
But this morning when I was out on my run, definitely not feeling the endorphins, but trying to remember to be in the moment, that very moment, when all at once this beautiful mama deer trots very slowly across the road in front of me.  I stopped and was very still just to watch her, she didn't seem afraid of me and all I could think was what a beautiful moment, I was there, totally plugged in not to my run but to the moment. Yay for the reward!