Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Craig gave me a membership to the Yoga Room for my birthday, I am really enjoying it.  I appreciate it, I probably wouldn't have done it for myself, it seems a bit decadent having a gym membership and Yoga Room!  When I trained for IMAZ 2010 I give total credit to yoga for getting there uninjured.  My training is so so, lacking a lot of intensity but I am loving yoga and trying to make room for it.  Tonight I did a headstand, yay, sounds easy but, yeah easy when I was about 20 years younger!  This morning was 45 minute spin and half hour run, tomorrow one hour swim and one hour run.  I just realized today how fast the St. George marathon is creeping up on us, some year I am really going to go all out for it, but once again not this year!  Just a long slow run, last long slow run for IMAZ,  still thinking about SOMA for my half, anyone else in?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back to the training

Vacation is over!  Really it's still July but we're back from Hawaii and Brad starts school Aug 7, way too soon!  I rode 37 miles today, should have been 4 hours, I have to pay a little more attention to the training plan, I got an hour swim and an hour and a half yoga class, so it was a good day.  Bri, Sarah and Maddie came for the afternoon and played in the pool and had dinner with us.  The Hawaii pics are on the other computer but I will post a few of my training pics.  There was the OWS in Waimea Bay, stand up paddle boarding--that counts too right, cross training, another cross training day hiking to Waimano Falls and jumping off the rocks, lots of snorkeling, Craig did quite a bit of running, me not so much running.  16 weeks, I plan on being home except for Labor Day weekend and really, really training.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beach ride

Saturday Craig and I rode our bikes to the beach, my Garmin data link is on our family blog.  It was a good ride, I have sooo much work to do before November.  I tried to stay on Craig's wheel because of the headwind, each time I came up out of the saddle through the washes I thought,  "Thank you Willem!"  Spin class paying off.  The downside to spin class...for 76 miles all I could hear in my brain was "I'm not going to write you a love song....." I don't even know the rest of the words! This was my longest training ride so far this year, I have many more to do. Training has been going as well as can be expected given that fact that life is not all about training, and there is a lot going on!  I am going to try to get a long ride in Friday morning before we leave for Hawaii, in Hawaii it's just a lot of running and swimming.  I am so excited to go, it's Craig, Kyle, Brad and me.  The boys just want to surf, I definitely want to learn to stand up paddle board, and depending maybe I'll even take a surf lesson. I'm trying to challenge myself to do something outside my comfort zone. I am looking forward to snorkeling and just hanging out with the boys.