Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spectrum 10K--done!

Last weekend Kev and I did the Spectrum 10K in St. George, Kevin worked till late then drove down to the cabin, picked me up at the bottom of the mountain very, very early. Thanks to C for taking me down and sorry to everyone for waking them up with the snowmobiles so early in the morning! I did not want to do this race, I had a wicked cold, toss in a little altitude sickness and a jam packed weekend of was crazy. We decided we would just walk it, Kev downloaded a movie on his phone and we were all set to watch a movie and walk. BUT, the top of the race is downhill, so let's not waste good downhill on walking, right, and the sooner we get done the sooner we get done, right! I ended up running all the downhill and a fair amount of walking on the flat. Average pace 12:00 miles, considering being sick, very tired, not wanting to be there etc, I am happy with the result and the fact that we got it done. We now have guaranteed marathon entries. I am seriously considering not doing the Runners Series next year and take my chances with the lottery.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Loading Day 1

Loading day 1, there is just something inherently wrong here, it is 5:30 am and instead of being at spin class here I am at Dunkin Donuts with a bag of apple fritters and no....I'm not sharing! If Willam misses me I'll just tell him I'm on spring break.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spectrum 10K

March 18th--2nd Runners Series Race--Kevin and I are in, wahoo, get it done and then guaranteed marathon entry.!