Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rock Cliff Jordanelle Oly Race Report

I don't think I have ever had so much go wrong in one triathlon, and yet despite all my problems, and my first DFL, I loved it.
The boys said I should look at the positive side, it was my first race on my new bike, first win on my new bike and I was first in my AG (of course you have already figured out I must have been the only one in my age group!) and first race in my new Redlands Tri Club kit.

I took my bike in for a little fit tweaking on Friday and I am really happy with it, we ended up lowering the seat, and moving it forward, it felt good, I was able to maintain aero a lot better.

The race: first of all I know I need a new wetsuit, but I keep hoping to lose a few more pounds before I do it. The swim is always hard for me but I was determined not to panic and do well. I didn't panic but struggled big time out to the first buoy, after resting with a paddle boarder for a minute or two I was able to get into a rhythm, I briefly thought about only doing one loop, scratching the oly and just doing the sprint, but by the time I finished the first loop I was swimming well. I wish I had splits for each loop, I would like to know what the second loop was compared to the first, it felt a lot faster, but it would be nice to see the numbers. My total swim was 47:49, it was probably a few minutes better than that, Craig stripped my wetsuit for me before I crossed the timing mat. I was happy knowing that I could do a mile in about 45 minutes even with a bad start.

My bad swim set me up for a bad bike, but I didn't care, I was coming off a good training ride in Arizona and feeling good about that, I would just go out and enjoy. So with no expectation what could be worse. Well, I went off course, you are supposed to make a turn, but I thought the oly course went straight, so straight I went up a monster hill and on aways, till I realized this just can't be right. I saw a race marshall who sent me back down the hill and back the right way. Already being last I didn't need this. This was also the first time I used my Garmin in multi-sport mode and I wasn't getting speed or average speed, I really need to see where I am speed wise. Bike was so bad a race marshall directed me in, I had my own personal escort. Bike time 1:46:49, it could have been better if I hadn't gone off course especially up a hill and if I learn to use my Garmin right. I just refigured my bike averages without my mistake, 17.1, I'm happy with that.

Run--well, it was just a run, the first three were slow getting my legs back and the second three weren't quite as slow. Run time 1:05, putting me at 10 minute miles. Again I struggled with the Garmin, I never did get it to run mode. Oh and my race marshall escort, he escorted me out on the run course to make sure I went the right way. Thanks guy. Craig met me on the run and said, "what can I do for you?" I said just run it with me, so Craig (in his jeans) ran the whole six miles with me. He got water for me and handed me shot blocks. Totally against USAT rules but I didn't care, and I don't think anyone else cared either. When I came through the first loop, they announced my name, and that I was heading out for the second loop, so I got good cheers, amazing what crowd support and "good jobs" can do for you.

Things I learned from this race:

I need to warm up on the swim, as much as I hate to, I know it takes me awhile to settle in.

Bike- I need to be aware of my speed, the course route and push harder.

Run-Just run more, do more bricks, less treadmill and more road

Get serious about losing some more weight.

Even without my mistakes I am sure I would have still been DFL, but I sure didn't need the mistakes.

The race itself: the water was cold with a lot of debris, but very manageable especially if I had warmed up by swimming, not just chillin'.

Should have been doing a warm up swim.

I made it!

Bike out, on the way back in a car stopped in front of me opening all of their doors, I screamed "get out of my way" didn't know I could scream so loud.

I don't think I could do tri's without my support team and my sherpa. I am just about done, with Craig by my side.

I thought this race was well run and organized, I would do it again. The bike is really pretty (when you're on the right course), the run not so much, but it's a run. They had security in the bike area, Craig rode Kev's bike down to pick up my bike with me, since it had a race number on it and he didn't have a wristband they almost wouldn't let him take it back out. Kevin had a good race, he didn't enjoy it as much as I did with some bike mechanicals and he also stopped to chat during the run.

Note! The medal is not a finishers medal, it is a first in my age group medal!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pulled the trigger....Registered for Rock Cliff Jordanelle Olympic Distance Triathlon, hope I make it through the swim.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Suck it up Buttercup!

11 mile run today, a good one, I'm happy, no complaining. I want to do the Rockcliff Jodanelle Triathlon (Oly) next Saturday. Problem: water temp is 52, can I do it? I honestly don't know if water that cold will send me into a panic, I don't want to be hauled out. So do it, and just suck it up, or not.....not sure yet.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

IMAZ Bike Course

Reconn ride yesterday. YES! I loved it. I have been so scared about the course and making the cut-off times. I still am, but I gained confidence yesterday. I was able to average 15 mph for two loops, 75 miles. That will do it, if I can maintain for the third. I do need to work on nurtrition, and of course I have to make the swim cut-off just to get on the bike course. Thank you to Craig, we left Friday after he got off work, drove to Arizona, got up, rode two loops of the course and drove home. Craig had two flats and one tube. He changed it the first time, the second time a nice guy gave him a tube, thank you. On our second loop Craig thought he saw the same guy with a flat on the other side so he dashed over to see if he could help but it was someone else with the same bike. He was able to help a lady who was struggling to fix her flat, nice to be able to pay back in some way.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

First IMAZ Nightmare

Last night was my first IMAZ dream/nightmare. I dreamed we were there and I couldn't get into my hotel room and I couldn't find Craig. Everyone was in their wetsuits in the pool (it was a dream--remember), except for me, I was standing around in shorts watching everyone get ready to race, all my gear was in the car and Craig had the keys. Interpretation: ? I think it means I'm not prepared, so true. Registering for Rockcliff Jordanelle Oly.