Saturday, October 30, 2010


Sag today for Temple to Temple (Redlands to Newport).  Wedding reception this afternoon, ride?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Open Water Swim

After meeting up with Brian in Irvine for breakfast this morning Craig and I went out to Lake Perris to do some open water swimming.  The water was warm just two weeks ago, today it was cold.  I did not want to swim, it started out to be hard mentally to get myself in the water, in a positive mind set and get going.  Once I did I actually enjoyed the water, I am still scared but I'm getting closer.  Closer to what I'm not sure, a finish, yes a finish!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bib Number


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Making Friends

I had a nice weekend in Arizona, even if it was just a quickie up on Friday back on Saturday trip.  The boys decided not to go so it was a short chance to catch up with my husband for a few minutes.  The purpose  of the trip was to get in 112 miles on the bike.  I planned to ride the whole course, but ended up modifying somewhat.  We rode out from Tempe Town Lake, did four loops on the Beeline and rode back, total miles 103.  The reason for the modification was my fear of traffic.  To ride the exact course you would ride 3 loops, each with considerable traffic and lights going out of Tempe 7.7 miles and back in, 7.7 miles.  My first out loop was a discouraging average of 13.something, what the heck, it was 15 last June.  I made up for it on the way back in and managed to ride much stronger for the next three loops, bringing my average up to l6.2.   I was very happy with that.  My whole mantra was "making friends with the Beeline, Beeline you are a friend of mine"  I think we succeeded, now if I can  just make nice with the gods of wind and all things weather!
As we were about to leave I met two BT ladies, AZSunshine and LeahDD, how fun, as my friend Judy would say, it was Serendipity!  Nice to meet you ladies, see you soon, and good luck with the last four weeks of training!  I think I would much prefer real friends to making friends with a road!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Makin' a Beeline

   Woohoo! Going to Arizona tomorrow, gonna ride the Beeline on Saturday.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Big Rock Triathlon Race Report

First in my age group!
(by now you know not to ask how many were in my age group)

Well I think they posted the results right after I finished my last post.  My swim was really 15:19, I know that is slow to a lot of people but I am really, really happy with it.  The water was warm, no panic and the wetsuit was good.  My biggest problem was swimming off course, I consistently veered left inside the buoy line.  T1 was embarrassing, 9:14, so I had a little tea party in T1, actually I fiddled around with my helmet and then took it off to put on a jersey, which was hard to get on at the last minute.  I didn't really need the jersey, but, well, lessons learned, hurry up in T1.  
Bike was 47:43 which put me just over 15 mph, I had hoped to average 16 or 17 but I was strong on the two hills, one of the few places I could actually pass people.  Thanks to living in Redlands you have no choice but to ride hills.  According to my Garmin on the flats I was about 17, maybe less since my average wasn't so good, but still I'm ok with it.
T2  2:26 ok another T time that could be better..........
Run  I'm not a strong runner just not, but I got 11:39 average with a little walking getting my legs back after the bike. So I'm happy again.

All in all for me it was a good day, it was cool and overcast which is always helpful.  The race is well organized, plenty of volunteers,  law enforcement support on the bike (I never had to stop).
The swim course is a long rectangle, buoys on the left, yay, great for left sided breathers like me.  Well maybe that wasn't so helpful, my sighting is lousy!  The bike has two hills coming out of the park, and then coming back in, other than that it is fast.  The run is along a sidewalk in the park, nothing really to comment on.  I would definitely do this race again, fun morning with hamburgers and hotdogs after.

Big Rock Tri-Fake Race Report

Well I have failed at Garmin school again!  Despite intense coaching and practice last night (I was sure I had it mastered) I messed up the Garmin again.  I would like to write my race report but I don't have the stats yet.  Mine weren't posted when I left and the timing company/event organizer haven't put them up yet.  I am anxious to see them because as always my swim wasn't great, I came out of the water and the clock said 24 and some odd seconds.  I was completely unhappy about that until Craig reminded me that if my wave started on time it was 9 minutes after the first wave.   OHHHH, now I really don't believe I had a 15 minute swim but I can't wait to find out.  More later when the results are posted.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Big Rock Tomorrow

Big Rock tomorrow, I won the entry and got a registration conf for the oly, it was supposed to be sprint, I emailed the race director and he said he would change it, hope so. I know, I know I should do the oly but being DFL just isn't so good for my mental psyche right now.  Yeah, yeah, I know it doesn't make sense, but it's me.  Now I gotta a 60 mile ride I'm out the door to do.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First run this morning since St. George, felt good, the rest of my runs are all in 7-8 mile range, I decided I can't do those on the treadmill. I used Craig's headlamp this morning, left at 5:00 it worked out pretty well, especially since the weather is still on the warm side, early mornings are cool but not cold.  100 miles on my bike tomorrow--I've gotta get the mental going here, I can do this, I want to do this, I'll keep saying it.  My new  running mantra is "relax, smooth, enjoy--don't think"  Kev added the don't think part, I had to use it in St. George.  He said it takes too much energy to think, so just zone out.  For me especially thinking is not good, I am just too hormonally challenged along with all the emotional part of feeling physically challenged and scared, so  DON"T THINK really helps otherwise I would be crying all over the place.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Compression Sleeves and Snake Oil

Promises, promises, first of all I got a pair of compression sleeves (for your calves, not arms). They promised improved recovery and 12 minutes off your marathon time. 12 minutes! For me that is a whole mile, how could I resist.  You are never supposed to do anything new on race day, but since I bought the sleeves the night before we left, well...they got a true test by fire.
Results:  Fabulous, I cannot sing the praises of compression sleeves enough, they worked and then some.  I lopped 45 minutes off my last St. George time, granted I was better trained and last time was pouring rain, but this year was hot, so all things not being equal this was a $40 well spent.

The St. George Marathon Expo is a wonderland of fun booths. I purchased "The Stick", a very popular massage stick that I promised I would get Kyle and Brad.  I have to admit that we all tested it before we brought it home and it almost got sneaked into Kevin's car.  He did his best to take The Stick home with him, but I managed to wrest it away from him and take it home to Kyle and Brad, if anyone gets Kevin's name for Christmas...there you go, please get him The Stick.

And this purchase at the marathon expo I call my "snake oil purchase".  This is a rubber band type bracelet with a hologram of pure energy.  You wear this and you will have tons of energy, balance, run faster, recover better, you name it, it will happen to you if you simply wear this bracelet.  Being a fine jewelry person this was just up my alley, you know rubber sports watches, rubber bracelets they're just me and besides it was within my jewelry budget allowance for the year.  Well if the compression sleeves gave me 12 minutes that means that the Pure Energy must have given me, are you ready for this--a whopping 33 minutes.  WooHoo, can I be a spokesperson.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

St. George Marathon

Finished in 5:09 (that is fast for me) smashed my old PR, very happy day. Maybe Ironman training is paying off. Craig was his usual fantastic sherpa self and ran the whole way with me since he doesn't have to qualify for Boston this year. Thanks!!

Woo Hoo PR for Kev today too, 3:24, so proud of you son!

Friday, October 1, 2010