Monday, May 28, 2012

Newton's vs. Mizuno

Who says you can't buy speed!  Ha!  A couple years ago before IMAZ 2010 Craig ordered me a pair of Newton running shoes to surprise me.  These aren't the fully lugged ones, but kind of an intermediate step. I wore them once or twice but was really "afraid" of them.  First of all I read somewhere not to use them on a treadmill and I do a lot of running on a treadmill and I read they would make different muscles hurt since they were changing how you run.  All in all I didn't want to wear them with the St. George Marathon and IMAZ 2010 looming.
My Newton's several years old, I'm not sure what model they are, lets just call them "Boughten Speed"
Fast forward two years, I just got a new pair of my trusty Mizuno Wave Riders and decided to dust off the old, almost new Newton's and do a little comparison, no doubt about it, the Newton's are faster.
Here are my two Newton runs:
My two Mizuno Wave Riders:
These are both on the exact same course, same two water fountain stops.
That is a huge difference for  a slow runner, I have gathered courage and decided to wear them in the Utah Valley Marathon, then if I hate them in a marathon I will know before St. George and IMAZ 2012.