Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012 Planning

January:  St. George Half Marathon/5K still haven't decided which distance.  Hotel reservation made.                                        DONE!!!!!!!CHECK!!!!!
February:  Tour de Palm Springs  (maybe, not totally committed it's been so cold!)
April:  Training plan begins April 23
May: St George Tri  ?????  Rio Salado Tri????
June:  Utah Valley Marathon, Craig and I are in, registration done!  BQ for Craig---
July:  Spudman, July 28, gotta enter the lottery in Jan.
August:  Thinking about the Utah Half Aug. 25
October:  St. George Marathon Oct. 6
November:  IMAZ aka Death!
I need a half iron distance race around Sept. 15 for my training plan, it's looking like the Utah Half in August unless I procrastinate and then it will probably be Soma.  I'll probably do the swimming event in Tempe Town Lake before IMAZ, maybe Rio Salado tri in May instead of St. George.  Lots of maybe stuff going through my head but at least I'm starting to sketch it out.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I'm taking Sundays off from running so I did my extra run today.
Very slow.
96 more runs to go.

Friday, December 16, 2011

100 Day Challenge

Oooh, I am a Slowtwitch lurker, I have followed their forums for years but never registered for an account.  I have never cared to comment on Slowtwitch.  I suppose it is the total intimidation complex I have.  I'm not fast enough, young enough, witty enough etc.  Mainly I just read, laugh, and learn, it can be really entertaining, educational and a great waste of time.  BUT...this did it....the 100 Days/100 Runs challenge.  I think I need that.  The rules are simple, pretty self explanatory unless you ask too many questions!! 100 days---100 runs, minimum 30 minutes, no walking.  The NO WALKING rule is what convinced me, I need this to get past my run/walk.  So I now have a slowtwitch account, I'm in the challege (currently in last place--but that's not the point right!).  Oh maybe it is the point, maybe I'm more competitive than I pretend to be.  We'll see, I may not be fast but I am persistent.  So anyway, if you check the standings, I'm "meldub". Oh and I only have 98 more runs to go.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Ahhh....the total excesses of a Thanksgiving well done!  What a wonderful weekend of food and family.  I'm still recovering from the gluttony of it all.  I got myself off to spin class this morning with a short swim before.  I think everyone was there to work off their holiday indulgences and the class was killer.  Seriously gotta be putting together my training plan and race schedule!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 Finish!

This is the finish that my friend in line told me about, pretty exciting!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Scoop on IMAZ Volunteering

Great weekend, ok I'm feeling it now, so much energy.  Craig and I left Friday afternoon, we met up with my tri buddies on Saturday morning before the volunteer meeting! So fun, I will post a picture when I get it from Craig's phone.  So the scoop on volunteering at IMAZ--We did morning/dry clothes bags, we got there at 5:00am and stood around not doing very much until close to the start time, and then the onslaught of bags!!!  At first you can somewhat organize them, but at some point they start coming at you so fast all you can do is build a mountain!  Inevitably people forgot things and left them in their bags, gu, swim caps, goggles--and believe it or not I think we found everyone when they came back (remember the mountain) no easy feat.  It is a huge job to organize all the bags numerically in rows, some bags must weigh 50 pounds!  It was also a little sad to have some of the swimmers who didn't finish the swim come back for their dry clothes.  I talked to one lady who was doing her 21st Ironman she said she didn't know what happened, she wasn't sick, but just started coughing so much that she couldn't continue.  After organizing the bags all of the bikes of the DNF's were pulled off the racks and checked, then we reracked the bikes and at 10:00 am or so we were finished.  We hung out for awhile and cheered, especially for the last people coming in off the bike course, we should have stayed for the final finish, I kinda wanted to but I didn't sleep well the night before and knew we would be up early today.  Jason, next to me in line this morning said it was the best finish, there was a lady all bent over (oh my visions of last year, been there!) who was so close but just wasn't going to make it, Mike Reilly went out to help her come in, she was leaning on him and still not making it fast enough, he literally pushed her over the finish line with not a second to spare.  I'm hoping someone will post that one on Youtube.  Craig had patients scheduled starting at 2:00 today so we were anxious to get home.  Everyone said it was best to get in line for on site registration about 6:00am, since we wanted to get out of there early we decided to go down at 5:00am----good call.  It was still a long wait but we were on the road by about 7:45 or so.  I was about 20th in the volunteer line which snaked clear back down to the road.  So here it is 365 days, I'm pretty jazzed, I just wish I could keep this feeling going for the whole year!
Oh yeah, and what to volunteer for the next time I volunteer, I would do Saturday registration for the current years athlete to do the following year (did that make sense?). Some nice perks with that one!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Defying Convention Wisdom

7 mile run today.  I have always been a very slow runner, this year I have decided that I need to get faster. I am old and am suppposed to be slowing down not speeding up, heaven help me if I get any slower! So I am attempting to defy conventional wisdom and get faster in my old age. Now remember faster is all relative--I haven't even hit a 10 minute mile yet, sad I know. Furman running has been too intense, I've made relatively weak attempts at it so I am following a Runners world training plan for the St. George half in January. We'll see how it goes.  Yoga now!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

No gear=New running clothes

So I think I've figured out my nightmares about not having gear!  Friday Craig and I went to St. George so I could do a Runners Series race.  No stress, I just have to complete a 5k with my cute daughter in law for company.  We got to St. G, ready to check into our hotel, and guess what--no gear, that's right, I forgot the whole darned thing, and what's more I didn't even miss it till we got to St. George.  Luckily I had my running shoes on and a quick trip to Target for some running tights and a jersey saved the day.  A quick trip to Target would not save Ironman!  One race down, one more to go, I think I'm doing the St. George half in January.  I'll put up a picture of Ally and me when they're up.  Craig and Kev did the half, it was fun to get to spend some time with Kev and Ally.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nightmares already?

Last year my most vivid Ironman nightmare was being there, it was a pool swim (interesting this was before the dam broke) and I couldn't find Craig, who had the car keys and all my gear was in the car.  Last night I had my first Ironman 2012 dream.  This time I had already swam and was in this huge locker room and couldn't find or remember my locker where my gear was, and I couldn't find Craig.  So what is this recurrent theme of not finding my husband and having no gear mean-------

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good strategy, got to the gym at 5:00 am signed up for a bike and swam for 1/2 hour before class.  First swim in a very long time, great spin class today.  I'm starting to get excited about IMAZ 2012!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Snow Canyon

Made the hotel reservations, paid the entry fees, Snow Canyon on Nov. 5.  Craig is doing the half, I'm doing the 5k.  This morning I got to spin class a half hour early and still couldn't get a bike, darn!  I think I'm going to start going at 5:00 am when they open, sign up for a bike, swim and then go to class.  Yuck, but the good thing is it will force me to start getting my swims in.  This morning I went back to Redlands and ran,so it wasn't a wasted morning.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Doubled bike time!

Last Saturday 10 miles, this Saturday 21.  Next Saturday I'm driving sag for 3rd annual Temple to Temple. We had a dinner party at our house last night so I didn't get to do Save a Sister, fun dinner party though!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I am so happy to be back on my bike...... I really do love to ride.  Today I would have loved to do more but it's a busy Saturday with too much to do, but the bike and I are back together and ready to put in some miles!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Runners Series Sold Out

I got Kev and I registered for the St. George Runners Series this morning.  Good thing I was on the computer right when it opened, it sold out super fast.  Now just get those two races done.  I think Save a Sister will be first up.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

St. George Marathon done, Toenails done!

I really wanted to break 5 hours, I did 5:05, I ignored some intestinal problems until Mile 22 when I couldn't ignore them anymore.  Maybe without my trip to the port o pot???  I don't know, it was still a PR with very little training so from that perspective I can't complain.  I will work harder and have decided to do the runners series again :(.  Thanks and thanks again for my sherpa!  About mile 25 I was seriously thinking......."I want to do another Ironman???? What is wrong with my brain?" I don't even want to finish this marathon. Not to worry, I did.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reprise, Really?

A do-over?
Craig and Kevin did Ironman St. George 2010, Craig survived with many thanks to the calming influence of his sherpa (Kev).  It was a one and done deal.  But there were some very extenuating circumstances limiting, ratiionalizing or explaining how he did.  The training leading up to it was practically nonexistent due to selling and starting a new business, a major move, family activities, cycling races etc.  I kinda thought maybe he would like a do-over, but he has always insisted NOT.  The other morning I mentioned something about him doing IMAZ with me 2012, and then I asked, would you rather do IMAZ or train for Revenge of St. George?  He said St. George! I wasn't too surprised although I don't think he would have admitted it.  I think future race plans will be the topic of our conversation on the way to the St. George Marathon tomorrow. Oh yeah and BTW  I am requesting prayers, positive thoughts, good Karma for Saturday.  Thanks!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chain Gang

We had a great weekend in Utah meeting our new granddaughter, what fun to have a baby girl in the family!  I am truly blessed.  Craig and I left Thursday evening and went to St. George.  Friday morning we ran part of the marathon course.  Craig drove up the canyon (thru the chain gang!) and dropped me off by the side of the road.
Me:    Really you're dropping me off here?
Craig:  Well yeah, isn't that the plan, then I'll drive down hill and run up to meet, you only have to run down hill because I am so kind!

Me:  Umm honey did you see those guests of the state, or maybe guests of Washington Co, I'm not sure, picking up trash?

Craig: Yeah?????  What a great idea having them out here to clean the course, what is with all of these marathon/Ironman people training out here and leaving such a mess.
Me:  Ok so you're fine with me running all by myself down the hill, through the chain gang.........

Yep I did it, he left me, and actually let me just give a big thank you to the guests for the great job they were doing cleaning the course that they didn't mess up.

Anyway, good run (note to self: don't wear pink Nike running shirt)
Great trip to visit with family, all in all a very nice weekend.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Run Undone!

5 mile run this morning--breakfast good intentions, it all started with a bowl of steel cut oatmeal, so far so good, but completely undone by a healthy scoop of almond butter, bananas, sugar and cinnamon!  But hey, I did hold back on the nutella and whipped cream!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Running, running

Just running M,W,F.S spin T and TH  heaven forbid I get on my real bike!  Not so sure how St. G will go but this year they are enforcing a very liberal cut-off time.  Since they are enforcing the cut off time they have created a pace group for it, I figure if I can't hang at sub 5:00 (my goal) I'll party with the last group, I've got a feeling they're going to be a lot of fun!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Just got a new bathing suit, I liked it so much I ordered two more! First time in a very long time it wasn't a Speedo from! Just call me SLACKER!!
Still working on being St. George ready, no PR but it should be a fun weekend of family.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Almost there, working on getting the yard ready for Kev's reception.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Can you see the concrete?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Saw my doc this morning, my Vit D is low, got a Rx for a bikini and 20 minutes in the sun. Ahhhmmm.............would have rather had a bikini prescription twenty years ago, really! Running is going fair, spin class going ok, stress level, yep a little high, so much to do!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Not too much training blogging going on :(

This morning, about 6:00am
About noon. We are rockin' and rollin'. This has to dry, but while that's going on they are going to start grading for the landscaping (or lack thereof, I want lots of deck!)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer of Family!

Well the decision is final-no Vineman for me! I am excited, I think I knew in my heart all along that I wouldn't do it. I can't believe how sapped my desire to do another Ironman is. It is all well and good and exciting to train for one, and I do want to do another one but..........
Ally my almost new daughter in law is going to the temple on the same day as Vineman and I would like to be there, what is more important Ally or a race, I vote Ally.
We have been lucky enough to have Sarah and Bri, Kendall and Ker and the boys this week, and we're just having a good time enjoying the hustle and bustle and in and out of a busy house for awhile, I don't want to do a five hour ride.
The pool build is moving along fast and I still have a lot to do for Kev's open house and our trip.
I think this is the year to just enjoy family and not worry about races, 2012 may see me back to do IMAZ with Ker and anyone else I can rope into it.
Now I think I'll scrap my run and go to yoga!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Now can I give up my gym membership?

Maybe not, it's not quite big enough for laps for but for fun YES! The back yard demo was my birthday present, it started on Wednesday. And to think it all started with a broken sprinkler head!

Friday, June 24, 2011


I love, love, love this blogpost, I wish I could have expressed this so eloquently! Now bring on the cupcakes!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

16 Weeks Family

photo credit:

We're in: Craig, Kevin, Ally, Kerri and I, Woohoo more girls than boys, what's happening to the Wright family? Are the training plans on?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Leaky goggles = ;(

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Embarrassing My Children

There are some mom things that I'm pretty good at, especially embarrassing my boys. Yeah, that's Craig and me leaving for our ride in Team Redlands kit. To make matters worse I was riding my tri bike. I am wearing Brad's old helmet in this picture, it looks better (gotta look right) with the TR kit than my pink and black one. Brad offered to sell it to me for $10 SCORE, it's a Giro Atmos.....oh wait, who bought that helmet in the first place??? Ok, maybe I oughta buy it from him for the $10 before he sells it to a friend for that price!
It is a beautiful morning here, I did a two mile run and my knee started bothering me and decided not to push it so I went home, got on my bike to go find Craig on his run and then when he was finished we rode together for a awhile. Not a "training" day but a super enjoyable morning.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

10 Mile Long Run

Long run done----Yay! Since when did Fontana Days Half start selling out! I'm going to have to really plan a years events and stick with it (yeah right).

Monday, May 9, 2011

What Lisa???????????

Yesterday Lisa pokes her head into my class and says, "I think we should do Vineman." Mmm, no Lisa I'm fresh offa no training (Lisa being fresh off of the grueling Mt. Baldy ride the day before, not at all thrashed). And Lisa what about them knees of yours? "Come on, we've already paid for it, we can do it." I think the word we needs to be used rather selectively here, Lisa the animal, can do anything, me I'm not so sure. But truth be known it doesn't take much to twist my arm and get me pumped again, so I shouldn't say I'm back in 'cause I've been in and out of this thing in my head ever since I registered, but at the moment--twelve week training plan on! Back in the pool this morning.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ran 3

Had to push through, but started running again. Wheels still MIA must remember to ask the boys where they are. Barrio Logan tomorrow, it will be a long day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


WooHoo, P3 and I am back to spin class! I picked the easiest one to start back with, took it easy and finished. I am heading back on the road, but there are no wheels on my road bike! Boys! Where are my wheels?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

HCG Diet and Triathlon Training

Ok, let me just start with a few disclaimers:
1) Uhmmm, the triathlon training really didn't happen, but more thoughts on that later.
2) I am not selling HCG or recommending it to anyone, this is just my experience.
3) I did not do this under medical supervision. I am healthy and had recently had a physical.
4) I did the injections, and no it didn't hurt, yes I am needle phobic but it wasn't a big deal.
5) It was not terribly expensive, I hear of people spending thousands per round, one 40 day round cost $100.

Ok, so this is the story. Last November I did Ironman Arizona, it was the culmination of a year of training hard, and eating not so clean. I finished, not in style, but I finished and am very happy about that. I did lose weight with my tri training but not as much as I wanted. After IMAZ I cut back on the training. A year of two a days, is hard on me, but also hard on my family. A cutback on training and menopausal metabolism is not a good combination. What to I'm halfheartedly training for Vineman and the weight is creeping up?? Then I saw a friend, who looks fabulous, I asked, what did you do? She told me she had done the HCG diet. I went home and researched it (forever) and decided to try it. It took some debating in my mind because you are not supposed to exercise.....What! A diet with no exercise? I thought I would try it but keep up my training. It worked for the first few days, but then I began wilting on my bike, I had to decide.... diet or exercise, I decided just for six weeks I could do without the exercise and see what happens, then I would pick back up and play catch up with training, and to be honest I was perfectly ok with scrapping Vineman, my heart just wasn't in it, even from the beginning.
This is how HCG works, you give yourself a daily injection of HCG, the first two days you eat a lot, they are loading days and you want to store fat. Then you start the diet. It is 500 calories a day, I know that sounds crazy low, but honestly I was not hungry other than occasionally before dinner. You eat two fruits, two vegetables, two breadsticks and two servings of lean meat. Let me just be really honest...I cheated on the diet. It's called peanut butter! Me and peanut butter have this thing, but for the most part I tried pretty hard to follow it. I didn't really count calories as much as servings.
Results: My last injection is tomorrow and then I have three days more of 500 cal/day before I start 3 weeks of maintenance, so I will post my total loss in a few days. But....I did not lose as much weight as people who are heavier to start with, part of it is because I was not as fanatical about the protocol as I should have been, works! I am short to begin with, and I have already mentioned that with menopausal metabolism, I have an impossible time losing weight.
I also am about 5 pounds short of where I wanted to be, if I had severed my relationship with peanut butter I might have made it!
Reality: The reality of the situation is I have lost most of the weight I wanted, I will probably do another short 3 week round of HCG for those last few pounds after the St. George Marathon and Tour de Tucson. I want to do those two events and register for IMAZ 2012.
Reality: I did not stop exercising completely, I walked about 3 miles/day and did occasional weight training. One of the premises of HCG is that you lose fat stores, not muscle. I believe this to be true after doing it. My muscle strength seems to be ok, but..........and this is a big negative, when you neglect cardio it goes fast! I think it is going to take awhile to build the cardio and enjoy the bike and running again.
Reality: Time magazine had an interesting article on weight loss the bottom line was, it's all about diet. After doing the hcg diet I can't help but agree. I had to make a decision between weight loss and exercise, I was not able to combine the two and achieve the results I wanted. Not saying it can't be done, there are plenty of people who clean up their eating, exercise and lose weight but it wasn't working for me. Partly because of the entitlement mentality (I just ran 12 miles, of course I deserve this cookie!). By separating weight loss from exercise I have been able to almost (those dang 5 pounds!) achieve what I wanted.
Reality: I have 3 weeks of low carb maintenance phase before I start adding (slowly) the carbs.
As with any other diet the question is can it be maintained. The premise of hcg is that your metabolism is reset and it is easy to keep off. I'll let you know on that.
Reality: Many people criticize the fact that this calorie is only 500 cal/day. I know it's hard to believe I wasn't hungry, but other than that for me it was 500 calories of good, non processed food. Fruit, vegetables and lean meat, I often left out the breadsticks. If you analyze the diet of a person you must analyze how many calories are coming from healthy and how much from junk. Are you putting in more than 500 calories of healthy food?
Reality: This is my big reality right now, yep I lost weight but my next challenge is to regain the lost fitness. I am hoping that being 15 pounds lighter will be an asset as I resume training for St. G, I already know it is easy to lose fitness and much harder to build it back up. Was it worth it, I think yes.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spectrum 10K--done!

Last weekend Kev and I did the Spectrum 10K in St. George, Kevin worked till late then drove down to the cabin, picked me up at the bottom of the mountain very, very early. Thanks to C for taking me down and sorry to everyone for waking them up with the snowmobiles so early in the morning! I did not want to do this race, I had a wicked cold, toss in a little altitude sickness and a jam packed weekend of was crazy. We decided we would just walk it, Kev downloaded a movie on his phone and we were all set to watch a movie and walk. BUT, the top of the race is downhill, so let's not waste good downhill on walking, right, and the sooner we get done the sooner we get done, right! I ended up running all the downhill and a fair amount of walking on the flat. Average pace 12:00 miles, considering being sick, very tired, not wanting to be there etc, I am happy with the result and the fact that we got it done. We now have guaranteed marathon entries. I am seriously considering not doing the Runners Series next year and take my chances with the lottery.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Loading Day 1

Loading day 1, there is just something inherently wrong here, it is 5:30 am and instead of being at spin class here I am at Dunkin Donuts with a bag of apple fritters and no....I'm not sharing! If Willam misses me I'll just tell him I'm on spring break.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spectrum 10K

March 18th--2nd Runners Series Race--Kevin and I are in, wahoo, get it done and then guaranteed marathon entry.!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back in........

I've been seriously debating Vineman in my head.......Ok, I'm in, I'm in!!!! My training has been rather lax, but some training is going on. Next Monday I will start following the training plan instead of doing what I want to do, ugg that means back in the pool. Running is actually improving, and the bike I'm just trying to maintain, but I've probably lost a lot. The boys are doing Callville Bay Classic this weekend, should be a fun trip (my excuse not to do more till Monday!). We are hoping for no rain but that's not looking so good.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gotta pick a race...

One more race to do in the Runners Series, hmm...too bad they don't have a "Tour de Donut" type race as I've had a great time with the doughnuts here in Portland! Kev asked me yesterday which race I was going to do, I'm not sure yet but should probably decide soon as the weekend calendar is looking pretty full. I'm anxious to get home, Portland and bad!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Running on empty....

I went to spin class this morning, sub instructor, different routine, but it was good. I bonked though about 2/3 way through the class. The food tracking with Lose It is going well, but I probably need to put a few more calories in before class. I have a Dr. appt this morning, house work and hope to get to Yoga class this afternoon. Tomorrow the boys are doing Boulevard....We decided to go out early tomorrow, yikes I think that means up about 3:00am, their race is at 7:00. The last two years this race has been miserably cold or snowy, keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow. It's clear and cold today. Trying to figure out when to get my long run in, by the time we're back from Boulevard I don't think I'll get it done, maybe I can do it this afternoon and take tomorrow as an extra rest day.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lose It!

One thing that was a frustration training for IMAZ was my weight. I wanted to lose 20 pounds to be ready for the race, I lost 11, and gained back 3 by race day. I somehow thought I should just magically lose weight with all the training I was doing, while only having a loose handle on the food I was eating, after all I needed it right. Well not exactly. This time I am going about getting a stricter control on my food intake, actually tracking it to the very chocolate chip cookie (that doesn't count 'cause I just ran 10 miles). After gaining a few more pounds back since the race I am now tracking with an app that a friend recommended. I just started it yesterday, it really is an eye opener how many calories you are alotted and what is actually going down.
It is amazingly simple to use and has a large database already. I will post every so often how it's working for me.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Heart Rate

I'm supposed to be training with heart rate zones, I don't for several reasons, but will as soon as I get around to addressing those reasons. I am in no hurry, because well, I just really don't like being tied to technology, except during a race. How else will I know if I'm gonna make that cut-off time! I love my Cateye on my bike, it is simple to use and gives me just the info I want, better yet there is only one button to push and I don't have to charge it! And as much as I have failed at my Garmin school lessons, I never will master it, when it is set up properly by my loving and ever patient spouse, and strapped to my wrist (sometimes he even presses the start button for me, even though I really know how to do that!) I need it for running, I need to know my pace and average pace in a race. But back to this morning, I had a 45 minute zone 2 run, but apparently my body is still recovering from my Tuesday brick because every time I grabbed the HRM things on the treadmill it was way too high. Ok, good reason to walk more, but is that really helping my training? Well that's what they say! I do have a HRM that goes with the Garmin, but c'mon am I really going to wear my Garmin on the treadmill or spin bike? Also the strap is too maybe this weekend I will get around to going shopping for a stand alone heart rate monitor with a small strap. Also need to get a new phone this weekend, does this sound like a person who claims to hate technology?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Race Report--

For a 5K--Sure why not. Let it be said I really didn't want to go to St. G, run in the cold etc. However once C and I decided to go Friday night my attitude improved considerably. I knew it would be cold (for me) but actually it was quite nice, I took off my jacket and handed it to Craig the last mile or so. Kev wasn't sure whether or not he would make it, he did, so that made it especially fun.
Kev and me, our traditional pre race pic!
Somewhere on the course, Craig snapped this one, check out the cool beanie, I swiped from Kyle and Brad.
Kev ran the half, it's gotta be more fun to run when someone other than mom and dad are cheering at the finish line!
So, what would I say about the St. George 5K, well it was around the Dixie Center but not the same course around the Dixie Center that I did for Save a Sister 2009. I think it was faster. It was nice and flat with probably 600 or so runners. I like a big field, it felt a little crowded at the start but it was chip timed, so not a big deal. My pace was 10:40, I'm still trying to get down to 10 minute miles, but this was good for me. One more Runners Series race to do, I was thinking about Spectrum 10K.

Yummy lunch with the best company!

Have I mentioned Cafe Rio is now in Redlands too, YUM!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I love the title of this picture, "worn out woman on a treadmill"! Thursday's workout done!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

St. George Runners Series

I am lottery unlucky--obviously I have not won the CA lottery, (I did win an entry to a tri at a tri club meeting last year!) so when it comes to winning the St. George Marathon lottery, which I have lost a fair amount of times, the only sure bet is to do the Runners Series. It's even a race now to get entered into the Runners Series, but here is the deal: you sign up for the Runners Series, a nominal $10 and if you complete two Washington County races, one being a City of St. George race you get guaranteed entry into the St. George Marathon and a yucky cotton t-shirt, but hey it's only $10. That's pretty great deal except for the fact that I live in CA, it's a five hour drive to do a 5K. Yep I could do the half marathon, but it's cold there and I'm wimpy, so lets just get this 5K over with. Kev is signed up too, but he's doing the half. So it looks like this weekend is drive, run, lunch w/Kev, drive and Lisa D's big birthday party! Well the party part sounds fun!

Shoulda--maybe I still will....

Did! Done!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Got my bike/run brick done this morning, yay, felt good! Ya know why they call it a brick? Bike + Run = Brick (Or is that just "ick"?)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brotherly Love

Kevin gave Kyle an appointment with Max Testa for his Christmas present, Kevin says he loves Kyle. Kyle is not so sure about that!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dang it, Dang it, Dang it!

So, I really did get kitted up and out the door, and guess shifter is broken. I have no clue what could have happened. Sadly, I have not ridden since IMAZ where my bike behaved flawlessly. Maybe something in transport, I dunno. Since all the men in my life are out of town I think it will wait till they can check it for me, otherwise I'm going to see Eddie.

I'm baaack!

Pink iPod (fully charged)
Pink Floyd loaded (...on the iPod)
And the only pair of socks my boys absolutely won't touch...........yeah it's all good, (umm, yes, I really do have these socks, Craig bought them for me at a marathon expo) I'm back, 5 mile run today and dusting off the bike!