Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tri Dot Training

I have been doing Tri Dot's free for feedback coaching plan, I did three time trials, swim, bike and run and they created an 8 week training plan for me based on my personal HR zones.  I paid fees which will be refunded at the end if I return feedback forms.  Since I don't have a power meter my training is all heart rate based.  So far I really like it, the workouts are hard but doable.  They have forced me to learn a little more about my Garmin.  I like it and I don't like it.  Yesterday I went to put it on before my swim and it was dead, oops--  Then later when I did my run I forgot to put on the strap, I was disappointed not to have all the data, usually I don't really care, so I am making progress, also doing my runs on perceived exertion was ok, but I do like the watch telling me where I really am. I'm in my second week of training, I will update how it goes.  I have a sprint on the books for May, but I haven't really planned the rest of the season yet.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Coaching Plan

Two days done!  I'm trying to follow as close as possible, I ordered some tubing for swim workouts, today I did the bike workout as a spin workout, I had a hard time hitting the HR zones but I did it as well as I could.  Last night, was a track workout, hmmm, I did it.

Just say no to:

I'm not a hotel snob, honest, honest, but seriously this was pretty bad.  If you ever have to be in St. George around St. Patrick's Day weekend just remember the place is packed with softball, baseball, cycling, running, band etc events and book early!
"Brent", Kerri and I did the Spectrum 10K so we finished the runners series and have guaranteed marathon entry.  My pace was 12 1/2 minute miles, I was ok with that even though as always I wish it was better, you would think that I would learn that wishing doesn't really work instead of training!
It was a beautiful day, and we got to spend some time at the cabin with Kerri, Kendall and the boys.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Assessments done

I finished the 5k run TT yesterday and 800 m swim this morning, now I'm waiting for the training plan to be built.

Monday, March 10, 2014

TT Done

I decided to do the TT on the crit course, I got it done just in time before dark, I love the time change.
55:19, 55:10 moving time.  Average HR: 174 bpm  Average speed 16.3, Max speed: 20.9

15 mile TT tonight

Setting up coaching, I'm still considering where to do this, probably the airport.