Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012 Planning

January:  St. George Half Marathon/5K still haven't decided which distance.  Hotel reservation made.                                        DONE!!!!!!!CHECK!!!!!
February:  Tour de Palm Springs  (maybe, not totally committed it's been so cold!)
April:  Training plan begins April 23
May: St George Tri  ?????  Rio Salado Tri????
June:  Utah Valley Marathon, Craig and I are in, registration done!  BQ for Craig---
July:  Spudman, July 28, gotta enter the lottery in Jan.
August:  Thinking about the Utah Half Aug. 25
October:  St. George Marathon Oct. 6
November:  IMAZ aka Death!
I need a half iron distance race around Sept. 15 for my training plan, it's looking like the Utah Half in August unless I procrastinate and then it will probably be Soma.  I'll probably do the swimming event in Tempe Town Lake before IMAZ, maybe Rio Salado tri in May instead of St. George.  Lots of maybe stuff going through my head but at least I'm starting to sketch it out.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I'm taking Sundays off from running so I did my extra run today.
Very slow.
96 more runs to go.

Friday, December 16, 2011

100 Day Challenge

Oooh, I am a Slowtwitch lurker, I have followed their forums for years but never registered for an account.  I have never cared to comment on Slowtwitch.  I suppose it is the total intimidation complex I have.  I'm not fast enough, young enough, witty enough etc.  Mainly I just read, laugh, and learn, it can be really entertaining, educational and a great waste of time.  BUT...this did it....the 100 Days/100 Runs challenge.  I think I need that.  The rules are simple, pretty self explanatory unless you ask too many questions!! 100 days---100 runs, minimum 30 minutes, no walking.  The NO WALKING rule is what convinced me, I need this to get past my run/walk.  So I now have a slowtwitch account, I'm in the challege (currently in last place--but that's not the point right!).  Oh maybe it is the point, maybe I'm more competitive than I pretend to be.  We'll see, I may not be fast but I am persistent.  So anyway, if you check the standings, I'm "meldub". Oh and I only have 98 more runs to go.