Sunday, October 6, 2013

Training Plans

Proof positive--training plans work!  Case in point--last years St. George Marathon pr, a sub 5, this is great for me, no matter how embarrassing it would be for others.  This year, my worst marathon ever, after improving each year I slid into a sub 6:30.  Yep training plans are a good thing.

So this is the story--we got to St. George about 8:00 pm on Friday and met up with Brent, at the Dixie Center, collected all the necessary "stuff" packets with numbers, this years t shirt, forgotten Body Glide, an extra hat, and score BYU running socks!  A quick trip to In N Out and checked into our condo.

I did not sleep well, I heard Craig up at 3:30 am programming the watches, and finally gave up on the idea of sleep, we got ready and got down to the busses, those darn busses never go slow enough, we just get up to the start line too fast.  It was pretty cold up there this year, Brent, Craig and I stood around the bonfires as long as possible.

We sent Brent off to do his own run, he took it easy and had a good run.  Craig was being my sherpa again, someday I'm going to have to talk him out of this so he can run his own race again!  As soon as I stepped over the start line I got a stabbing, sharp pain in my hip, I thought, "oh no, this is crazy, this can't happen at the start line".  I don't know what started it as I was barely running yet, I was determined to run through it, it seemed to get better and then worse, eventually having a numb sensation.  I was hanging in there, slow, but sure until about mile 23, I decided to push it all the rest of the way in so I could at least have a sub 6, as soon as I decided that, I couldn't run any more at all, three steps, stabbing pain, three steps, stabbing pain.  The pain wasn't as bad when I was walking so we walked it in as fast I could walk.  I have self-diagnosed greater trochanter bursitis.  It calls for rest, haha, I'll do that well.  Seriously I wouldn't have done this if it weren't another "notch in the belt".  Marathon #5 on the way to the 10 year club.

We did it!  Brent hopped the fence and ran it in with us.  Thanks Brenny for waiting so long for us to get there.  We missed Kerri, she just started a new job and couldn't get away.  So, what's ahead?  Well, Kerri, Brent and I are all registering for the Runners Series on Monday.  And this plan ON!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Big Gulp

We leave for St. George this afternoon when Craig gets off work.....this about adequately sums up my feelings!  Updates later, drive safe Brent, see you there.