Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Alta beat me up!

Weekend training on the 13th started out pretty well, Kev suggested we run from Alta to his house, sounded like a nice downhill run.  YIKES! that run hurt more than the SGM.

I think altitude was the biggest problem with my HR zones.  But whatever, it was done.  After our run we took these three cutie pies school shopping.

Look what Maddie found!  When she was about two I took her shopping for some cute dress shoes, I found some adorable Mary Janes, but she was not having it.  She found pink cowboy boots and that was that.  I think she wore them everywhere no matter what she had on.  I am sure Sarah was slightly relieved when she outgrew them. Well... look what she found..............

There they were! "Look grandma, they even have butterflies on them!" Kyran got his soccer stuff.
And pictures of Katie's new shoes?  They all got new clothes they picked all by themselves, then we tried to exhaust them at Chick Fil A, but of course you know who was really exhausted!  We stayed at the cabin on our way home.

Last weekend was car shopping.  Success!  This weekend we are going to Arizona, trying out both bikes on the Beeline.

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